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It was a wonderful course. It was amazing how much content was packed into a week. We all learned a lot. I found that many aspects of singing and musicianship began to fall into place and I amazed myself on the last morning. There was great cameraderie between all the students and great support of each other. Wilma and Geoffrey were so encouraging while improving my technique. It was also great fun. I have not laughed so much for a long time. O.E. 2017
You will not be dissapointed with this course, lively, friendly, it is here to improve your singing experience no matter what level.......come and have fun while learning. 2017
The balance of choral singing with the supporting courses was very good for the participants, the number of participants and sections (SATB) worked really well this year and the choice of music was really uplifting, particularly the African song. H.K. 2017
This course should be prescribed on the NHS. It was such an uplifting week, the endorphins were abundant. Wilma is such an inspiring teacher, and gets such a lot out of you and your voice...cannot wait for next year's course. S.T. 2017
The course is tremendous fun. Everyone is so supportive and friendly and Wilma and Geoffrey are endlessly patient and encouraging. Caroline's superb food just adds to the overall experience. I would encourage anyone who enjoys singing to come on this course-you won't regret it! M.M. 2017
I had a wonderful time on this course .The teaching was geared to all our varying levels of singing ability and people who had never sung solo before were supported by all the other course participants. The masterclasses allowed us all to benefit from teaching given to others in a very non threatening environment. A memorable holiday . S.D. 2017
I have come to regard these courses as the highlight event of my year and the 2017 Solo Singing event was no exception; in fact the best yet! Keep up the good work for 2018!
The course for me had the qualities of what I would imagine a 'retreat' type holiday would be like. Colouring this peaceful experience was music and singing of the highest quality directed and instructed by highly skilled and professional people.
Wilma and Claire addressed the individual needs of singers with a positive and encouraging approach, during singing lessons and coaching. The result was amazing, with happy, confident singers blossoming throughout the week. It was a unique experience and one I'd love to do again. H.G 2017
I've attended both workshop and solo courses and have thoroughly enjoyed both. They complement each other, with workshop courses being very helpful for musicality and skills such as sight-singing whilst giving some opportunity for individual tuition and performance (with cookery demonstrations as an additional option), and the solo course impressively maximising both tuition and performance opportunities. Excellent tuition and catering and a friendly and supportive ambience. My singing teacher commented recently that these courses always enhance my confidence. My non-singing partner felt very welcome. Most highly recommended! L.J. 2017
The course was 'life changing ' brilliant and I hope to return next year if I have the energy. Had many light bulb moments from Wilma. Her highly professional and accessible approach to singing technique put me in a better place. A brilliant teacher.
D.K. 2017
The Vocal Inspiration courses are just that, an inspiration. One could not have better or more patient and encouraging, teachers. and being anywhere where Caroline cooks, is in itself a feast! E.S. 2017
This was my first course in UK and it was great. Teaching and food were outstanding and it was wonderful to have a week away from reality with congenial, like-minded people, the only responsibility to work hard at lessons and practice and not to be late for meals. No problem there! S.A. 2017
How wonderful to share a love of music with likeminded people, excellent food, in beautiful countryside with an opportunity to have some of the best coaching and tuition available. What more could one ask? 2016
I had done this course 3 years ago and it was just wonderful being back with like minded people. It was so good having all the things I'd learnt on the first course being gone over again but also learning new things! Don't worry about coming in your own, everyone is very friendly and you come away having new friends. C.M. 2016
I had never done anything like this before so was a little bit apprehensive about making a fool of myself. I needn't have worried. Wilma and Geoffrey were wonderful and the group were so supportive and encouraging. The accommodation was great and the food was amazing. It was the most wonderful experience and I can't wait to do it again! M.M. 2016
As always, the great joy of a week like this is the total dedication of the teachers and the sense of personal input that we get. The physical person is considerable enhanced by Caroline's exquisite, imaginative food and my only complaint there is that is is just too tempting, so I come back home rather 'increased'.... E.S. 2016
Another brilliant week, which I have come to regard as the highlight of my year. Thoroughly enjoyed myself and came away feeling greatly inspired. Already looking forward to 2017.

The format of the course is an excellent combination of daily tuition, sessions with our accompanist, workshop sessions and the final performance of the honed pieces. Seems to suit different voices whatever the ability and a marked improvement becomes evident in all as the week progresses.

Camaraderie of course-members sharing a common goal to improve their singing is great fun; ably assisted by excellent food and a spot of wine.

Feedback on areas on which to work and suggestions of music to explore these aspects and widen repertoire is most welcome and provides added incentive to do so between annual courses; a truly enriching experience akin to regular tutorials and conferences in academia. D.W. 2016
Wonderful opportunity to meet people, some that I have met on previous courses, some new, who all enjoy the love of music and singing with first class tuition. And food ! D.B-B. 2016
Absolutely fabulous course. I have come away with lots of ideas for approaching different aspects and challenges of various types of repertoire. Thank you so much for all the wonderful tuition, and not forgetting the amazing food! M.W. 2016
Catching up with old friends, making new ones, knowing I'm going to have a wonderful week of music making and fine dining - what more could I ask for to look forward to every year?! A.F. 2016
I can't remember when I have enjoyed a learning/musical participation event so much. It was extremely helpful in all respects, with "quick wins" that made an immediate difference but also lots of pointers to take away and work on. I loved meeting my fellow participants and hearing their repertoire, much of which was completely new to me. And the food was superb. Thank you for a wonderful week and for all your skill, inspiration and encouragement. Naturally I want to come back! C.D. 2016
What a privilege to be helped to make music by such expert teachers with perception, imagination, kindness and a sense of fun. A genuinely lifechanging experience for everyone. L.T. 2016
Nothing is too much trouble for The Vocal Inspiration Team be it attention to detail re comfort and sustenance, or matters musical. I think everyone came away filled with a sense of well being, (actually groaning with delight when it came to matters dietary) eager to continue with our musical endeavours inspired both by Wilma and Claire's enthusiastic and enabling coaching, and by our colleagues support, what esprit de cours - thank you everyone! L.P. 2016
This is my second time attending this course. The quality of the teaching offered is amazing. Wilma sets the overall tone for a course which, while being extremely professional, is run in a way which offers excellent tuition and support, in an atmosphere of friendliness and good humour. Wilma and Geoffrey are not only incredibly talented musicians themselves, but share their professional skills with great generosity and patience. I would have no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone. I felt privileged to participate. A.L. 2016
Having just completed another enjoyable week (second year) I would say to anyone that, "If you're serious about improving your singing and want to laugh and eat well on the journey then Vocal Inspiration is the way for you. It's in the title!” K.D. 2015
The difference excellent and kind instruction, added to wonderful accompaniment, can make was clear as we performed for each other-I was in tears when one previously hesitant singer sang beautifully, with confidence and conviction. K.P. 2015
I've heard Wilma's singing courses described as "the courses that people keep going back to". On returning for a second course this year I was not disappointed and intend to go back next year. AF 2014
What an enjoyable few days! I've been in a choir but never sung on my own before and it was such an encouraging and supportive environment to learn in. Wilma is a tremendous teacher and seems to find exactly the right way of helping each individual to improve their voice. Our accompanist Claire was so patient with us all and had lots to teach us, and Caroline plied us with delicious food and good cheer. I'm inspired to carry on singing now, and have made new friends along the way
MB October 2013
I had serious doubts before signing up for the July 2013 course, but I can truthfully say that I am so glad I did. In every way the course fulfilled my expectations and more! Wilma turned out to be an extremely gifted teacher reaching all levels of ability and at the same time being very encouraging and supportive in her approach. With Geoffrey at her side as a very skilled pianist, we were all in good hands. We worked hard, but it did not seem so, also due to all the laughing during class. When finally we were allowed to sit down to Caroline's excellent food, we just tucked in and enjoyed lovingly prepared and healthy food with good wine. Thank you all for being so kind. I cannot wait to go back for the next course in October. Be sure to find me at as many courses as possible for the foreseeable future. This is too good to miss!
AW July 2013
I could go on about what a privilege it is to be taught by truly excellent musicians such as Wilma and Geoffrey, and about the companionship I enjoyed with other participants whilst being wined and dined by Caroline, our superb chef.

But what makes Wilma, Geoffrey and Caroline so special is the warmth and encouragement they show to each and every pupil, and how much fun and energy they inject into their teaching.

So if you want to have fun and improve your singing/performance skills, I can highly recommend a Vocal Inspiration course.
KS July 2013
My wife and I are both enthusiastic singers and over the years have gone on a variety of singing courses. Without doubt the "Vocal Inspiration "course was amongst the finest we have ever been on. First of all, the actual content of the course was enjoyable, with a variety of music of all types sung both a cappella and with accompaniment. But we were struck by the freshness and thoroughness of the teaching, with Wilma's sense of fun taking us through even the more difficult areas with ease. She never seeks to patronise, so whether you are an accomplished singer or a nervous beginner, you are made to feel valued.

We would certainly recommend this course to anyone with any interest in discovering the joys of singing"
VK and MK July 2013
To be in glorious surroundings with like-minded people and looked after superbly – what could be better? With expert guidance we sang all the time (except at meals!) and everyone improved in singing and in confidence. AT July 2013